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We must find new ways through many ethical issues, especially regarding bioethics, medical ethics, and criminal justice. Jack Sisson's 'Life Ethics' blog focuses on numerous areas of concern, including the philosophical and ethical dilemmas surrounding stem-cell research, abortion, medical research, and health care.

It is my unfortunate lot in , to reside in the only state in the union currently ruled by a member of the Bush royal family. Yes, I live in Florida, normally a very pleasant place if you don't mind hot as hell summers and big as a boxcar roaches, euphemistically called palmetto bugs. (I don't mind the former, but I'm sent into screaming fits by the latter.) Still, we have beaches, palm trees, orange groves, Jimmy Buffett, the Everglades, a state capitol that looks like a giant phallus, and air conditioning. Like I said, a pretty nice place.

Unfortunately, we also have Prince Jeb. You remember him. He's the one who, aided and abetted by that Countess of Cosmetics, Katherine Harris, helped crown brother George "King of Whatever I Want" in 2000.

After helping extend the king's reign for another four years, the prince (apparently having looked at the state capitol one too many times) suffered a bout of testosterone overload and ordered law enforcement officers to:
  1. kidnap poor Terri Schiavo and
  2. whisk her off to a meaningful life of contemplative vegetation.

It's not hard to imagine that, much to his chagrin, Jeb's failed plan would have provoked ribbing from his older brother:

Here I, like, totally lied to the American people and convinced Congress to invade another country with fabricated reasons, killed thousands, tortured hundreds more, and you can't even manage to kidnap one comatose woman!

Still, the brotherly bond is strong, so it was unsurprising when Jeb parroted George in opposing human embryonic research.

I think taking of human life to create life is a huge contradiction morally.

Oh. Okay. We're going to talk about morals.

Well, let's play a little numbers , shall we? Since Jeb's been Prince of Florida, how many human lives has he terminated by actively supporting their execution? Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock. Ah, let's see what we have here. Yes, Ms. Informed Citizen, seventeen is correct. Congratulations! Your prize is a front row seat to the next live performance of "Kill the Sucker, it's the Moral Thing to Do."

Of course the Prince is a lightweight compared to the King. During George's six-year reign in Texas, 150 men and two women were executed, a record unmatched by any other governor in modern American history. That George always was a competitor. Maybe that's why his Texas also ranked second highest among states in the percentage of people — especially children — who went hungry. The state ranked third in the percentage of malnourished residents.

So forgive me if I don't get misty-eyed when the Royal family pulls out all its moral stops. I've read between the lines, and believe me, it's scary in there.

Now, when I start feeling sorry for myself for living in Florida during these times, I need only think of those poor Texans who helped propel W to his kingdom. I may have to live with the prince, but I had nothing to do with the king's coronation.

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