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We must find new ways through many ethical issues, especially regarding bioethics, medical ethics, and criminal justice. Jack Sisson's 'Life Ethics' blog focuses on numerous areas of concern, including the philosophical and ethical dilemmas surrounding stem-cell research, abortion, medical research, and health care.

If you've ever had the misfortune of living alone as an adult you've probably discovered that you talk to yourself. Throw a pet in and suddenly you're having full out conversations. While that didn't exactly happen this morning I did manage a good, "My God, Chompy. Look at this article."

Both sides of this quarrel have something vital to defend, for not only themselves but all of us. No decent society can afford to be callous to human suffering or indifferent to the need to seek cures. No decent society can afford to treat human life, at whatever stage of development, as a mere natural resource to be mined for the benefit of others.

I know, this is the part where liberals get all pissed off but just a wait a second. This article is FOR Stem Cell research. This might be a good time to give a liberal a hug. Do it. Kass goes on:

Neither side is going to go away, nor should it. Farsighted people can see that this is but the first of a long series of similarly contested bioethical issues. Yet it would be a pity if our only options were either a political victory for one side that would seriously alienate the losers, or a continuing political stalemate.

He's right you know. The article goes into detail about self-renewing cells which can "be obtainable from already dead (not just unwanted or doomed but actually dead) embryos". Well, as long as you're not killing off our maybe-babies then we're happy. Get harvesting!

This site has also successfully undergone a whole new look.

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